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Courses created by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Culinary Coaches designed to  support you in meeting your health goals with food {you know, the whole Food-as-Medicine thing} without sweating in the kitchen.

We all know we need to eat better, cook more at home, and feed our families nourishing meals - but here's the problem...

We all have different nutrition needs, different health goals, and different levels of comfort in the kitchen. We make commitments to improve our health with food, trying different diets and searching the internet for "healthy" recipes the family will enjoy, only to burn out and feel frustrated. Back to takeout and processed foods?

No thank you. You and your family deserve better!

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STOP the cycle and start transforming your life today!

You deserve to meet your health goals without the hassle and overwhelm. The Mealtime Method is an evidence-based approach to feeding yourself and your family, keeping YOUR health goals in mind. You build your custom learning and culinary experience {no one-size-fits-all here} based on health behavior principles.

Why It Works

Provides evidence-based knowledge specific to your personal nutrition goals

Increases motivation with support from credential nutrition professional

Reduces stress around meal preparation by applying simple culinary principles

Acknowledges and honors different preferences and goals

How It Works

Focus weekly on affordable and available ingredients

Learn efficient cooking techniques and master basic kitchen skills

Develop repertoire of meals the entire family will get excited about!

Utilize digital meal planning platform to customize your meal plan


The Outcome

Increased success with meeting your health goals while preparing delicious, simple meals for yourself and your family

Decreased stress and overwhelm with planning meals and accommodating multiple food preferences in family 

Reduced guilt knowing you are providing nourishing meals to support your personal goals and your family's health 


Get the outcome YOU deserve by following your personalized Mealtime Method

Enter the library below and start your customized learning experience for the transformation you're looking for. See you in the kitchen!

Imagine what your week would look like if you could...

Weekly cooking demonstrations will guide you in the preparation of simple and delicious recipes that utilize key kitchen equipment and basic cooking skills. Plenty of options will be given for vegan and vegetarian options.

You will have access to our digital meal planning platform to curate weekly plans just for you. Your planner makes the preparation of simple recipes a cinch so you can count on getting meals to the table quickly.

All recipes have been selected, based on science, by credentialed nutrition professionals with your health goals in mind.

Every week, you will set culinary goals to prepare certain recipes that will exercise kitchen skills highlighted in each lesson.

The Mealtime Method gives you the tools and flexibility you need to "get the job done", share delicious meals, meet goals, AND have plenty of time leftover for the things that matter most.

Take control of your health

Get ready to begin your transformation.

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